One to go: The Crimson Badgers ice hockey team's made it to the final


Another chapter’s been written in the rags-to-riches tale of the Crimson Badgers ice hockey team.

After dishing out a 5-2 hiding to NZSki last Sunday, the Badgers will square off with Rhinos in the final of Queenstown’s winter social league.

Perennial losers for two years after coming together for the 2018-’19 summer league, the Badgers’ march through the winter league playoffs shows they’re no flash in the pan after finishing the regular season top of the table.

Now it comes down to tomorrow night’s showdown with a team Badgers captain Wes  McAllister says are ‘‘good friends of ours’’.

‘‘They’re very similar to us — they started with a whole bunch of friends and new comers.

‘‘But overall they have three or four years’ more experience, so they’re very strong.

‘‘It’ll be a very tough game. We’ll do our best — we’ve beaten them before so we can beat them again.’’

Whatever the outcome, ‘‘there’ll be beers at the end’’.