Courtside with Jen Andrews


National honours

Congratulations to Hayley Crofts, Te Huinga Reo, Selby Rickit and Julianna Naoupu, who have been selected for the New Zealand U21 squad – and to Ashleigh Smith for making it into the NZ Secondary Schools team.

School rocks

It’s four in a row for Wakatipu High 1 – the only premier team still undefeated.

The girls sit atop the points table with Altitude and Chico’s/ABL tied for second and GRC close behind in fourth spot.

All four top teams won by at least 20 goals last Saturday, with Altitude cracking the 100 against Executive Accommodation.

In seniors, Glenorchy won their second game in a row and High School Base gave competition leaders High School Yr 10A a scare in losing 38-36.

Match of the weekend - GRC v WHS 1, Saturday noon, Events Centre, Ct 1

There should be a few nailbiters this Saturday as some of the more evenly matched teams play each other for the first time. Will GRC be the ones to topple High School 1?


Premier Grade: 
Chico’s/ABL 62 Harcourts 23, GRC 54 WHS 2 17, WHS 1 45 Famous Kelly’s 25, Altitude 103 Executive Accom 24.

Senior A:
Yr 9 50 Yr 10B 16, Yr 10A 38 WHS Base 36, Cougar Security 45 WHS 3 30, Glenorchy 52 Lakes Enviro 22.