Countdown to 2015 starts now


General entries for the 2015 Queenstown International Marathon open tomorrow – but there’s no confirmation as yet on how many places are available.

They’ve had since Tuesday to secure their place.

“We’re not yet in a position to announce a definite number.

 ”We’re working through the logistics of wave-starts. The trails coped reasonably well but we wouldn’t want to let too many more go in one hit.”

Beeche says the increase in capacity is likely to be significant but as not as much as double.

LUO estimate the event had an economic impact of $5 million for the resort, with restaurants, hotels and rental cars booked out.

“The positive feedback we’ve had from everyone has been brilliant,” Beeche says.

“It tested us operationally but the interest in next year’s event is strong which means we got something right.”

LUO donated $27,000 back to the Queenstown Trails Trust from the event, sponsored by Air New Zealand.

“Our philosophy is we never rest on our laurels and we’ve pages and pages of small tweaks to make,” Beeche says. “But by and large we’re really happy with how it went.”