Can’t wait to bust out the board and camera


The upcoming American Express Queenstown Winter Festival signals the start of the cold season’s hype and madness for Queenstown snowboarding gun Nick Hyne. 

The well-known boarder and filmmaker plans taking time out from his busy production schedule for festival’s Quik­­silver Slopestyle Invit­ational at The Remarkables on June 30. 

Hyne came second in the inaugural event last year and hopes to enjoy the fun competition with mates again this year. 

“There were some pretty cool tricks thrown down last year by some really good riders,” he recalls. 

“Everybody’s friends in these types of events. That’s the reason why slopestyle competitions, especially in New Zealand, are so fun. It’s just everyone getting together and pushing each other.” 

Hyne, who produces the popular snowboarding webisode series Diaries Down Under, will be in the throes of making the show’s sixth winter season during Winter Festival. 

“Winter Festival is the start of the madness. It’s when the masses roll into town, all the ski resorts are open and there’s more consistent snow around. It’s like a line in the sand for winter,” he says. 

“It’s definitely a busy time for filming, too, because we are trying to put out the episodes as soon as possible.”
Hyne, who recently returned from Japan where he filmed snowboarding promotional web series Japan Journals,  has got a busy winter lined up. 

The world’s biggest snowboarding website, Transworld Snowboarding, will broadcast this season’s Diaries Down Under exclusively for the first 24 hours after it’s been released. 

“It’ll be posted to Transworld’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, which means more views for us, so it gives the show a bit more of a push. 

“It’s pretty cool to have that internet recognition,” he says. 

Hyne and his crew have started filming some scenic helicopter shots for Diaries Down Under

“We haven’t started filming snowboarding yet. We’ve got some good heli missions planned. It’ll definitely be bigger and better than any other year.”