Cancer sufferer’s marathon


A Queenstown-raised woman who’s battled devastating cervical cancer is running tomorrow’s Honolulu Marathon, in Hawaii, to support others who’ve undertaken her journey.

Auckland-based Vivian-Lee Rewi, 29, fell pregnant with her first baby last year, but was then diagnosed with cervical cancer.

She had a radical hysterectomy which not only took away her ability to carry the child but, with the damaging of her ovaries during her radiation, robbed her of her fertility and put her into early menopause.

“It was just very draining,” she says in her Givealittle page.

She created the page firstly to urge every woman to get a smear – “cervical cancer is so preventable” – and secondly to raise money to upgrade the Auckland clinic where she was treated.

“Cervical cancer took my baby, my fertility, my privacy, my womanhood, my normality – I don’t want it to take anyone else’s.”

She’s been training for Sunday’s marathon by running eight kilometres to work at the Auckland City Council, whom she’s a lawyer for.

During her Queenstown days, Rewi was a talented sportswoman.

She made the New Zealand under-16 football squad and played in England for four months.

She was also a handy netballer as a child and an adult rugby player.