Blades of glory


Queenstown ice skaters have claimed podium finishes at the recent NZ Ice Figure Skating National Championships in Auckland.

It’s a feat made all the more impressive given it’s the first time the Queenstown Ice Skating Club’s competed at the event.

Alicia Webster skated her way to first place in the juvenile over-12 category, while her fellow Queenstowner Jorja Frewen claimed third.

Rachel Sidda also claimed third in her ‘adult silver 1’ category.

Coach Deanna Pielak-Jones says the club’s “pretty chuffed” with the results.

“It’s really helped the enthusiasm of the younger skaters.

“Before, nationals wasn’t something they thought about much, but now they see that it’s achievable.”

Because the club only runs for six months of the year, it takes a little more time to get skaters up to national competition level, Pielak-Jones says.

But with 36 skaters ranging in age from seven to mid 50s, it’s starting to grow.

“It’s just taken time and patience.”

A third Queenstown skater, Georgia Chinn, also competed at the event in the under-12 category.

While she failed to medal, Pielak-Jones says just gaining the qualifying technical elements score to be allowed to compete in the first place was a big achievement in itself.