Final: Jose Gomes, right, battles Tiago Santa Ritta PICTURE: SHAYNE GALLOWAY

Queenstown youngster Ali Stacey scored the fastest submission at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ‘gi’ nationals – winning a match with an arm bar in just seven seconds.

Some 17 adults and 11 kids from Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Queenstown competed at the New Zealand tournament in Auckland last weekend.

Five Queenstowners returned with gold medals – founder and coach Jose Gomes, Craig Nelson, Jordan-Katie Doherty, Lucas Kirchoff Pereira and Shyla Mulholland.

The Queenstown academy also landed eight silvers and one bronze as it finished sixth overall, with 33 wins.

Gomes says: “There were a thousand competitors, the biggest competition ever in NZ, so a good result for us.

“Ali got the fastest submission with an arm bar.

“He’s about seven years old and with his brother Leo, they just go for submission after submission. They did really well. It was a big division and they got silvers. We’ve got kids coming up so fast – they love it. It’s not like they need to be pushed, they just love being there and learning.”

Child’s play: From left, Leo Stacey, Shyla Mulholland, Saige Galloway and Ali Stacey PICTURE: SHAYNE GALLOWAY

The popular martial art focuses on take-downs, ground control and submissions through joint manipulation and choke holds. ‘Gi’ is the traditional clothing worn.

The CGNZ team as a whole, which includes affiliated clubs in Wanaka and Invercargill, managed 41 wins in total, scoring another gold and bronze on top.

“This year, we had a good run training and everyone was pumped up to have a go in competition,” Gomes says.

“We have a lot more people going to King of the South, which will be bigger this year with five mat areas – people from all over the country are signing up, even Australia.”

The club is hosting ‘King of the South 2′ at Queenstown Events Centre on November 23, while a beginners’ fundamentals course starts on October 14, and runs Monday and Wednesday.

The academy also had some good results at the IBJJF World Masters 2019 in August with Brent Te Kawa winning gold, Gillian Boyd silver and Paula Te Kawa bronze in their respective divisions.