Bar ramps it up


A halfpipe ramp in Queenstown bar Revolver is being put to use for a Mini Ramp Skate Jam next Wednesday. 

About 30 riders are expected to turn out for the “really social” competition, Revolver’s promo manager Steve ‘Skippy’ Cowper says. 

It kicks off at 7pm. 

Spot prizes will be dished out to contenders for top moves, best trick, biggest air and spread around punters 
putting themselves out there. It’s the second jam held at the watering hole and more are in the pipeline. 

Local skater Scott Te Au, 23 (above), has 12 years’ riding under his belt, but is ditching his skateboard and sitting on the judging panel. 

The ramp gets erected in Revolver on Shotover Street from Mondays to Wednesdays every week from 5pm to midnight for anyone over 18 to have a spin on. 

“The idea behind it was the guys didn’t have somewhere to skate during the winter. 

“Even if you don’t have a skateboard, the local boys will give you one if you want to have a crack,” Cowper says.