Bailey returns to Wales to tackle train race


Queenstown runner Adrian Bailey hopes to repeat a decade-old feat in his homeland on Saturday. 

Bailey races a vintage train – and 3500 other competitors – in the Welsh seaside town of Tywyn. 

In 2002, the year he left for New Zealand, Bailey won the Tywyn race in his fifth attempt. 

This year he successfully launched a similar concept in Queenstown against the vintage Kingston Flyer – a 12km event as opposed to Tywyn’s 25km. 

About 200 runners usually beat the Welsh train while only a dozen won against the Flyer last time, Bailey says. 

“The Tywyn train takes about one hour and 47 minutes and the top runners generally do it in about one hour and 20.” 

How will he go a decade on? 

“Ten years ago I was probably faster, however I’ve toughened up in NZ so I’m pretty confident I’ll put up a good show.” 

Meanwhile, back here Bailey caught up with his former Welsh team manager and coach Kevin Evans last Saturday. 

Evans had dropped his daughter-in-law off at Queens­town’s Jack’s Point for a monthly run which Bailey organises when the pair surprisingly bumped into each other. 

“The last time I saw Kevin was when I last represented Wales at the world cross-country champs in Italy in 2002,” Bailey says. 

Evans also caught up with Queenstown runner Alun Williams, from his under-20 Welsh cross-country team in the late 1990s.