Bad-boy Kool calls out The Shooter


English-raised Queenstown wrestler Marc Perry, alias ‘Marcus Kool’, is challenging for the Kiwi pro heavyweight title in Auckland this Saturday.

He’s fighting Shane ‘The Shooter’ Sinclair whom he challenged in a You Tube video.

In the video, Perry says he’s twice beaten his opponent, yet Sinclair still claims he’s the title-holder – “you know what, Shane, that makes me sick”.

In August, Perry joined a World Wrestling Entertainment tryout in Melbourne, Australia.

“I got some great feedback and I am on their radar,” he says.

Since then, Perry says he’s changed his character and he’s now a ‘bad guy’.

“I use my English background to portray a crazy, loose cannon hooligan.

“The story is I have had enough of NZ not giving me the chances and credit I deserve.”

Perry adds: “I think I’ve proven that I’m one of, if not the best, in the country, and on Saturday I’ll get to show that on a big platform.”