Arrowtowner’s New York re-run


Arrowtown runner Jendi Paterson is returning to New York next week to complete unfinished business.
The council recreation programme coordinator turned up for the New York City Marathon a year ago with her parents – only for it to be cancelled by Superstorm Sandy. 

“I was pretty bitter – I wouldn’t have gone and I’d have saved all that money.” 

Paterson knew she’d return this year. The event’s been an obsession since she watched it on TV with her father at the age of 16: “The commentator sold it like it was the greatest race in the world.” 

Paterson, 30, has continued to train for New York and though she’s running a bit faster than a year ago is hesitant about predicting her time on November 3. 

“It’s so hard to know with that many people [about 50,000] running it. If I get a dream run I could do it under four hours,” Paterson says.