Pride and joy: Allister Simpson with his 1973 Rotary Mazda


A new Bayleys Queenstown commercial sales consultant boasts a varied background in tourism, immigration consultancy and selling tourism property and even classic cars.

From the mid-’90s to 2003, Allister Simpson and his brother ran Queenstown’s first
mountain bike tour business, Gravity Action, in Skippers Canyon.

They were based at Arthurs Point’s former Rafters Barn, which their local-based  parents June and Eric — who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday — owned.

Simpson then worked in England as an immigration consultant, continued as an advisor in Auckland, then worked for four years there as a real estate agent for Resort Brokers, selling accommodation properties.

Five years ago, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, as the mother of his children is Spanish.

He again did immigration work till Covid intervened, then, as Covid windows allowed, travelled around Europe buying classic cars — specially 1970s Rotary Mazdas — for export to NZ.

His former Resort Brokers boss Wayne Keene, whose company had since been incorporated into Bayleys, then headhunted him.

Simpson will specialise in commercial/industrial property and tourism properties,
businesses and leases.