All prepped: Construction of the Koko Ridge subdivision finished this week


An open day at a high-end Queenstown subdivision this afternoon coincides with the completion of its civil works.

Comprising 26 sections, Koko Ridge, off Stalker Road, fringes the growing Ladies Miles precinct, featuring Lake Hayes Estate, Shotover Country, Queenstown Country Club, Kawarau Park, Kawarau Heights and, potentially, a large masterplanned subdivision north of the Ladies Mile highway.

It’s the only part of the precinct where the sections are as large as 2000 square metres a

‘‘When you look at what’s built around us, and you marry this up with council’s plans at the moment for the development of Ladies Miles, the number of people that will be residing in this precinct will be more than Arrowtown, so that’s pretty exciting,’’ Koko Ridge lead partner, Arrowtowner Wayne Foley, says.

‘‘And when you look at Koko Ridge, it’s more than obvious this is going to be the premium
location for the precinct, and the place where rural meets residential.’’

Section sales have ranged from $1.1 million to $1.68m, and more than 50% have now sold after another one went under contract last week.

More $1.1m sections will be available today.

Foley says he’s ‘‘really excite’’ that most purchasers are locals, ‘‘and we’re hopeful it’s going to stay that way’’.

‘‘Given the border restrictions and everything else, it wasn’t going to be more than New Zealanders, for starters.

‘‘And, given the raw presentation of the property, until now, the locals were the ones who
perhaps had a bit more vision of what things were going to look like.’’

With views of the Remarkables and Coronet Peak in either direction, Foley notes the more
elevated sections, closer to the Shotover River, also have ‘‘this magnificent panorama — and your sunlight factors are a bit more obvious’’.

Thrilled with local uptake: Koko Ridge project marketer Kate Fairmaid and lead partner Wayne Foley

Kate Fairmaid, project marketer for local-based Origin Projects, which is selling Koko
Ridge, believes they’re also attracting locals due to its proximity to Frankton, the airport and schools.

She believes sales will also go well now the civil works are finished — ‘‘I think Wayne’s
done an incredible job of finishing the site’’.

As an example, she says not every developer contracts a golf course construction company like TIC Projects to lay their grass.

Foley, who also credits Base Contracting for the quality of its work, admits they were also lucky with the good weather since Christmas that allowed them to complete road and footpath sealing before the council-imposed pre-winter deadline of May 15.

He expects titles to follow in four to six weeks.

A taste of what’s to come: What the showhome on Lot 3 will look like

House-building plans have to be approved by the developer, but largely follow district plan
guidelines, he says.

A showhome’s being built by David Reid Homes, whose local franchisee Fraser Mackenzie’s
co-developing Koko Ridge.

‘‘It’s going to be really reflect the calibre of home that’s going to be built here in the future,’’ Fairmaid says.

This afternoon’s open day runs from 1 till 4pm.