Zara Phillips shrugs off video of husband’s kiss with blonde in Queenstown bar


Royal Zara Phillips has reportedly brushed off a CCTV video allegedly showing her embattled husband Mike Tindall kissing another woman in Queenstown. 

British tabloid The Sun quotes a spokeswoman for the Queen’s granddaughter saying the blonde woman with Tindall, at Altitude bar last Sunday, is no more than a friend who has known him since university. 

“She is an English girl out in Australia on holiday who was at their wedding. 

“Zara’s very relaxed about all this and the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.” 

Tindall, England’s centre and vice-captain, is being rested for the team’s next Rugby World Cup game against Georgia at Otago Stadium tomorrow (Sunday). 

On Thursday, footage of newlywed Tindall appeared online with the flirtatious woman, downing shots before they kissed and held hands. 

Meanwhile, it’s emerged that Ireland rugby players eased into their World Cup campaign with a free booze-up at Ballarat Trading Co. 

The Sun shows a topless pictured of flanker Stephen Ferris in the bar and says that the team drank about $3000 worth of alcohol during their first few days in the resort. 

“Flanker Stephen Ferris took his shirt off to get free drinks for the squad. A witness said: “The girls went wild and the owners set up a tab for the lads. The players really let their hair down. It was an interesting way to prepare for a World Cup.,” the paper reports. 

It’s understood the squad had been given permission for their night out by Irish rugby bosses. 

Queenstown bouncer claims CCTV footage of Tindall and blonde

Footage of what’s claimed to be England rugby centre Mike Tindall kissing and holding hands with a blonde woman has been posted online by a Queenstown bouncer.

The bouncer, who doesn’t give his name, uploaded CCTV camera videos of a man who he claims to be Tindall – who married the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips six weeks ago – on to You Tube yesterday (Thursday). 

The shocking footage initially shows the man with a blonde woman at Altitude Bar while they playfully put their hands on each other’s faces, slapping each other while joking and gesturing.

Next, the pair down shots before the woman, wearing a lei, reaches for him and kisses him. A few minutes later they walk off, holding hands.

Another camera angle shows the pair in the bar’s doorway, holding hands and kissing before he hangs his head. She reaches up to grab his head, kissing it.

The man gestures as if he needs to leave and the woman dances on the spot before grabbing him.

He walks out of the bar, she follows and he wraps his arm around her. They take a few steps and fall into the bar frontage before staggering out of sight, arm in arm.

The 12-minute-long video is interspersed with the bouncer addressing Tindall.

“Mr Tindall, you don’t know me and I really don’t know you,” he says.

“But what I do know, Mr Tindall, is that nobody’s going to make a cent off this video.

“Mr Tindall, your behavior was that of someone unbecoming, especially to someone such as the Queen or Zara Phillips. I do feel for them.”

Later, he says: “You gave you word to God, Queen and country. And you come to my country for the Rugby World Cup and behave in a manner unbecoming for someone of which is an ambassador to your country and mine [sic].”

On Thursday British tabloid The Sun reported that Tindall allegedly kissed a “blonde beauty” and pressed his face into her cleavage during a boozy night out at resort nightclub Altitude last Sunday.

The newspaper claimed Tindall, 30, “found himself unable to resist” the girl, who “flung himself at him” while the players – celebrating Saturday’s win against Argentina – enjoyed a “light-hearted dwarf-throwing competition”.

Hours after the news broke, Tindall’s teammates Steve Thompson, Dan Cole, Jonny Wilkinson and Tom Croft were helicoptered in to Wakatipu High to attend a community engagement session – practising drills with the school’s First XV and Under 15 teams.

Thompson, England’s most-capped prop, told Mountain Scene that he “doesn’t know anything” about the allegations despite being out with Tindall on the night in question.

Photos posted on Altitude’s Facebook page show Tindall piling on top of teammates Dylan Hartley and Chris Ashton, while other photos show players with female fans and having fun with “midgets” at their “Mad Midget Weekender: Jelly Wrestling” night.

Altitude Bar Manager Rich Deane yesterday posted on his page: “Firstly: There was no dwarf throwing – that’s just not cool! Secondly: There was no scandal by any of the English Rugby Players that we saw! They were great lads, not throwing the midgets, it was all light hearted good humored fun! This is the tabloids taking photos out of context and telling silly stories.” 


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