You’ll eat my shovel’


A Queenstown man has been arrested after a road rage incident in which a motorist allegedly threatened to kill another driver with a shovel. 

Police say a man allegedly lost the plot in a disagreement at Remarkables Park at 1.15pm on Monday. 

“The irate motorist got out of his car and abused another driver,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

“He then allegedly grabbed the other driver by the throat before getting a shovel from his own boot and making threats to kill.” 

A male is due to appear in Queens­town District Court on Monday. 

Money scam 

Police are warning retailers to be aware of an unsophisticated money scam. 

An unidentified Asian man managed to steal $60 from Frankton Subway on Tuesday morning by conning staff. 

“He paid with a $100 note,” Blackford says, “but, after being given change, he then said he had the correct amount of money to pay and requested the note back. 

“He returned the original $97.40 change to the attendant but somehow managed to pocket $60 of it.” 

The attendant discovered the theft when the till was counted. Police are attempting to identify the man. 

“It might be a new scam that Queenstown retailers need to be aware of.” 

Mercedes stripped 

Police have launched an investigation after a car was stolen and stripped of parts before being dumped. 

Delta workers discovered the 1994 red Mercedes Benz stripped at the Fernhill water pump station, off Wynyard Crescent, at 3pm on Tuesday. 

The car’s bonnet, right headlight, radio and wheel nuts had been removed. The vehicle was left parked on Lake Esplanade by its owner, who found it was missing at 2am on March 3. 

“He thought it had been towed by the council,” Blackford says. “It is unusual.” 

Earnslaw to the rescue 

A windsurfer in distress was saved by the Lady of the Lake. 

The windsurfer was spotted in trouble on Friday afternoon on Lake Wakatipu near Matakauri Lodge. 

A search and rescue operation was launched and police also appealed on the marine radio channel for any vessels in the vicinity. 

The skipper of the 100-year-old TSS Earnslaw responded, rescued the windsurfer and helped him safely to shore. 

Scottish drinking shame 

Two Scotsmen had a drinking game shocker at downtown accommodation after embarrassingly failing to handle a booze up. 

The men, aged 23 and 19, were playing drinking games at a Queenstown backpackers’ accommodation on Saturday. By 8pm they were plastered and vomiting. 

“Both got grossly intoxicated and chundered throughout the premises,” Blackford says. 

Fed-up staff called police when the drinkers refused to leave the premises. They were locked up in Queenstown police station cells while they sobered up. 

Reclaim your possessions 

Police say wallets and phones belonging to the following have been handed in: Zara Murphy, Michael Veal, Samuel Riley, Daniel Hurley, Claire Francis, Kai Yuan, William Grieves, Felipe Diaz-Omar, Jan Clausmeyer, Darren Jarrett, Johannes Liedtice, Christine Milin, HE Goode, Muriwai Paul, Hannah Pudney, Rita Lo and Sofia Orrego-Garcia. 

Property not claimed in a month will be destroyed.