Yo smile, you’re on candid bin-camera


Frustrated Greenstone Terrace apartment owners have resorted to camera surveillance to catch cheeky Queenstowners illegally dumping rubbish. 

Seventy-five apartment owners were facing a bill totalling $18,000 between them this year for the emptying of their private skip after non-residents unloaded their own household waste and furniture into it. 

The bin, visible from Frankton Road, needed to be emptied about four times a week because of the extra garbage – normally it gets emptied twice a week, apartment body corporate chairman Steve Wilde says. 

“It was horrendous … it’s a private bin – it would be like dumping on private property.” 

The body corporate recently hooked into an existing CCTV system to catch the culprits and a sign warns people to “smile for the camera”. 

The scheme is working – already owners have nabbed a local cleaning company dumping waste and have noticed a reduction in other deposits. 

“The other thing is we also pay a rubbish levy in our rates so we’re paying twice and we don’t want to be paying for other people’s rubbish,” Wilde adds.