Year-round mountain bike resort opening at Gibbston


Queenstown’s first year-round mountain bike resort opens later this month.

Gibbston Valley Winery announced today that its Rabbit Range Bike Resort will open April 20 on 400 neighbouring hectares.

The rabbit-prone land on Gibbston Valley Station will ultimately feature 30 kilometres of tracks suitable for all levels of riders.

Gibbston Valley Winery has joined up with local bike tour operator Around The Basin to create the resort.

Their initial outlay is about $100,000, with further investment to come.

Around The Basin director John Knight says the terrain is stunning.

“It’s world-class and a mountain biker’s paradise, with accessible trails for everyone, not just the adrenalin junkies.”

Gibbston Valley Winery boss Greg Hunt adds: “This will be the area’s only year-round dedicated and serviced bike resort and will help put Queenstown on the map with biking enthusiasts everywhere.

“The views and setting are spectacular and make the bike ride special for this fact alone – it’s a long way from civilisation.”

Bikers can either cycle to the top of the Rabbit Range bike trails or take a shuttle.

There are plans further down the track for heli-biking.

Stunning views: A mountain biker enjoys the view over Rabbit Ridge