Writing for their readers

Storytime friends: Little Earth Montessori preschooler Rosalie Semple, 4, and St Joseph's School student Indigo Cox

St Joseph’s School students have been busy putting pen to paper writing story books for Little Earth Montessori preschoolers.

Last month, 17 Year 2/3 students were paired with a preschooler to find out what the littler one likes to do for fun.

The Queenstown school’s students then wrote a story capturing their preschooler’s personality through words and illustrations. The budding authors had to include messages of positivity.

“Things like making friends and playing with everyone, including people who are different,” St Joseph’s teacher Emma Heslin says.

Having an authentic audience to write for has inspired the students, Heslin says.

“It’s the first time they wanted to go back to their stories and make them more interesting because they knew people were going to read them.”

The books have been published and all the children sat together for a reading session last Friday.

“They’re super, super proud of them.”