World Wide Web watch it


Queenstown families are being educated on internet safety and the dangers of cyber bullying this week. 

Non-profit organisation NetSafe is visiting local schools to discuss responsible internet use at home and within schools. It’s presenting to parents of teenagers and Wakatipu High staff during a special meeting tonight at the secondary school. 

Wakatipu High principal Steve Hall says it’s important for parents to understand how technology has advanced and the threats that can be involved. 

“The internet has real advantages … but like everything in life, there’s a yin and a yang, and it can be used to bad effect,” Hall says. 

Cyber bullying has occurred at the school, he says, adding: “But the issues we face are no different to what any other school or community faces. 

“Students don’t realise how serious this can be,” he adds. 

Tonight’s meeting also includes presentations from board members Dr Kathryn Smith and lawyer Dale Lloyd, talking about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It starts at 7pm. 

Meanwhile, NetSafe has also visited St Joseph’s Primary – principal Trisch Inder says it was a val­-uable experience and NetSafe has great support tools on its website. 

“Whilst there are potential dangers, don’t lose sight of the positive resources out there.”