Working mum reckons she’s up to the catwalk challenge


From ironing board to pumping iron to fashion icon in 12 sweaty weeks.



Working mum Nicky McCrostie hopes a 12-week fitness challenge will kickstart her winter and a new body.

The 46-year-old injured her knee skiing two years ago and, rather than having surgery, chose to use exercise to strengthen the surrounding muscles.

She signed up to a gym but, with a part-time admin job and two kids, she was too busy to work out.

“I didn’t renew membership in January, but coming up to ski season I need some fitness to be able to ski with my family,” says McCrostie, wife of Coronet Peak ski area boss Hamish.

To get started she’s applying for the Ladies Fitness and Fashion Challenge – a half-price programme run by Pulse Fitness that aims to give women the confidence to model outfits by clothing store Decode at a Winter Festival fashion show on June 30.

It costs $468 for members and $828 for non-members.

Pulse instructors will choose 12 women for the challenge, co-sponsored by Lindauer. It includes personal training sessions, nutritional coaching and chore­ography.

Stacey Day, 33, also wants to get in. She has two young kids and works as a sonographer at Otago Radiology, but wants to regain the fitness she once had as an air force officer.

Just looking good on the catwalk isn’t the main driver.

McCrostie hopes to maintain her fitness “for the next 10-20 years” while Day is preparing for the swimming leg of a half-ironman race in January 2010.

Women can submit 100 words on why they deserve to do the challenge to Pulse Fitness on Memorial Street by April 6