Women shop then walk off with basket


Queenstown police want to talk to these women (pictured) who allegedly pinched a shopping trolley from Night ‘n’ Day – after paying for their food. 

The women bought the groceries on July 4 at 6.20pm before leaving the premises with the two-tier basket trolley, senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“When most people shoplift they hide things in their trousers – these girls have [blatantly] walked out with a shopping trolley basket. 

“Supermarkets always make a point of saying ‘please return them’ because they cost money.”

Balls of trouble

A Spanish man who got a little too excited about seeing snow has been arrested after throwing snowballs at Queenstown shop windows. 

The 20-year-old was spotted hurling balls of the white stuff at glass facades on Camp Street by local police last Sunday at 4.50am. 

“When he was warned by police not to, it turned into a foot chase and he was caught,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour and granted diversion. 

“Sometimes throwing snowballs seems really innocuous, but it depends what you’re throwing them at, how you’re throwing them and it depends what sort of snowballs they are. 

“We’ve had people break windscreens doing that,” Drader adds. 

“You might think it’s harmless but if you break a window, you’ve got to pay for it.” 

Aussie biffo

An Aussie tourist who allegedly punched a Queenstown man in the face was apprehended by eyewitnesses as he tried to scarper in a taxi. 

The local man had an argument with the Australian and his mate in Subway on Camp St at 1am yesterday. 

“Then it moved out on to the street,” Drader says. 

The local man needed five stitches to his eyebrow. 

“When the Australian men left the scene they went to get into a taxi and somehow the witnesses trapped them in the taxi,” he adds. 

Meanwhile, an argument between two groups of Aussie tourists on Rees St turned into a brawl early on Monday morning. 

A 22-year-old Queensland man was arrested for assault and disorderly behaviour and was later granted diversion.

Topless tinkerer

A drunk, topless Australian man has been arrested and charged with wilful damage after damaging a car on Hamilton Road. 

“He was seen with no shirt on …police saw him hiding behind a car and when they drove back he was hiding behind a lamp post,” Drader observes. 

“He snapped a rear windscreen wiper off a car – don’t ask me why.” 

Mechanic’s break-in

A 22-year-old Queenstown mechanic was busted for trying to steal a CD player from an impounded car early last Sunday morning. 

“This guy had climbed into the council impound yard at the Deviation Carpark, just past Industrial Place, and he was trying to get a CD player,” Drader says. 

“He’d broken into three cars and broke a window in one of them, so he’s going to court with five charges.”