Women cop biff


Four males arrested for attacks on partners.

A 50-year-old local woman reported being assaulted and threatened by her estranged husband at 10.30am on May 4.

Queenstown police arrested a 48-year-old Queenstown man at 7.35 that evening and charged him with assault, senior sergeant John Fookes says.

Two days earlier, a 33-year-old man was charged with assaulting a 30-year-old woman at their Fernhill home at 3.30am.

“The allegation is that he slapped her across the face,” Fookes says.

A 24-year-old Welsh tourist reported being assaulted by her 28-year-old Welsh partner and travelling companion at 7.30am on April 30.

The Welshman was arrested and charged with the assault – which happened before the couple arrived in Queenstown – the next day.

A local man, 24, was arrested for assaulting his 22-year-old female partner outside Night ‘n’ Day store in
Camp Street at 2.42am on April 29.

“It sounds like there was a bit of pushing and grappling,” Fookes says of the incident, reported by a cab driver.


A local man allegedly decked a 38-year-old New Caledonian tourist for bothering a female guest at Southern Laughter Backpackers on Isle St at 11.15pm on May 4.

The victim – who had a gash to his eyebrow requiring three stitches at hospital – had been talking to the woman before the incident, constable Terry Wood says.

The woman felt he was “pestering her” and texted a man she claimed was a family member. He then turned up and tried to “eject the victim from the backpackers”, Wood adds.

Two 38-year-old Queenstown men got nabbed for creating a ruckus at the Boiler Room in the wee hours of May 2.

One of the men allegedly punched a doorman refusing to let the pair enter, Fookes says.

One offender was charged with assault and the other with disorderly behaviour.

A 25-year-old Queenstown woman was arrested for theft and two charges of assault after allegedly taking items belonging to two people inside Chico’s on the night of May 3.

“She’s allegedly punched the two people who have taken issue with having property taken,” Fookes says.
Thieves at work

Mt Rosa Winery has told cops that two frost pots have been nicked – one went missing last week, the other last month.

Police want people with information on the pots – worth $150 each – to come forward.

The home of a 37-year-old Fernhill man was searched on April 29 and police have charged him with nicking 10cu m of firewood from a Towne Place address between April 14-22.

Petrol drive-off

Someone driving a car with registration plate DUA847 did a fill-and-dash from the BP service station in Frankton at 2pm on May 4.

The driver shot off without paying for $103 worth of gas – “that’s about a litre-and-a-half these days”, Fookes quips.

Weed-ing them out

Two local men aged 30 and 27 got done for having weed when cops searched their home at 3.43pm on May 3. One was arrested for possessing cannabis and the other charged with possession for supply.

Cops also charged a 20-year-old local man with possessing cannabis instruments at his Richards Park Lane home on April 30.

Driving boo-boos

A driver from Singapore hit a Shotover Jet bus on the one-way McChesney Bridge near Arthurs Point at 2pm on April 28.

There were no injuries and no damage to either vehicle.

A 22-year-old Queenstown motorcyclist suffered minor injuries after leaving the Glenorchy Road near Geary
Lane at 2pm on May 2.