WoF off, you lot


The family car passed its warrant of fitness – but the passengers failed theirs.

That’s the claim of Sunshine Bay’s Justine Swain, who says Vehicle Testing New Zealand staff booted her and her four young sons out of VTNZ’s Glenda Drive waiting room on April 14.

The stay-at-home mum says she was waiting with Danny, 2, twins Morgan and Jaydin, 3, and Kaylum, 7, for her car warrant when a VTNZ employee yelled at them to “shut up” and “take your kids and get out”.

The family waited beside the car repair area till their car cleared its WOF, Swain says. She says her kids were “whispering at each other and I told them to be quiet” but she reckons getting kicked out was “absolutely disgusting”.

Queenstown VTNZ manager Mark Lamonde didn’t return Mountain Scene calls.