Witness appeal over ‘robbery’


Police want to speak to a woman who came into contact with the men accused of a robbery at a Queenstown liquor store.

Two Dunedin men have been charged with the alleged knife point robbery of Henry’s, Shotover St, last Wednesday at 6.45pm, and alleged subsequent car jacking.

Detective Grant Miller says: “The potential witness spoke with one the males at approximately 6.50pm on the corner of Stanley and Shotover Streets before the second one joined them after the offence was committed.”

Miller also wants to hear from anyone who may know the woman so police can contact her.

At Queenstown District Court last Thursday, both men were granted interim name suppression by Judge Mark Callaghan, who also declined media requests to take photos of the accused.

The pair, aged 17 and 24, are jointly charged with robbing Henry’s liquor store of $2000 cash with an offensive weapon, and robbing shop assistant Wilma Mary Nehoff with an offensive weapon.

The older of the two is facing a third charge of causing bodily harm to the younger man while in charge of a motor vehicle with a breath alcohol reading of 992mcg. 

Neither defendant applied for bail and were remanded in custody to appear in the same court on separate dates.

After the alleged robbery, two men then allegedly stole a vehicle and drove away, leading police on a chase to Dalefield.

One was apprehended after the car crashed through a fence in Mooney Rd into a field, while the other was found hiding in reeds about 90 minutes later.

Duty solicitor Joseph Mooney applied for interim name sup pression for his client on the grounds of possible “identification issues”.

Counsel Sonia Vidal says her client had drug and alcohol issues from which he was “detoxing”.

Judge Callaghan remanded the older defendant until September 14 for a bail hearing. The other defendant was remanded until August 31.

He is also due to appear in the Dunedin District Court next month on another matter.