Wind flips small planes at Queenstown Airport


Insurance assessors are deciding what to do with a number of small planes damaged by wind at Queenstown Airport last weekend. 

A freak wind gust flipped a Cessna 172 onto another parked Cessna 172 last Saturday, causing extensive damage to both. 

The privately-owned aircraft are both leased by Wakatipu Aero Club. 

WAC president Peter Daniell says separate insurance companies are deciding what will happen to the planes, but it’s too soon to call whether they’ll be repaired or written off. 

“It’s kind of hard to say with aeroplanes because they can look outwardly okay and be inwardly completely buggered and vice versa,” Daniell says. 

Another Cessna 180 was also damaged by the extreme wind, but the club plans to lease more planes in the meantime. 

“Aircraft come and go all the time. 

“We’ve had offers from several other people around the area who have offered us their aircraft for a short term while we replace our aircraft, so it certainly won’t be making any impact on our business,” Daniell says.