Why I’m standing for Queenstown: Grant Scannell


OPINION: Standing for council this year was not a decision that I made lightly, knowing it would take a lot of time from my family to represent the local people of our area.

After talking with my family, I believe I have made the right decision, knowing that my children and grandchildren will continue their lives in this beautiful part of New Zealand.

Local people have been asking what strengths I have to offer and why am I standing for council.

I am a big believer that all candidates need to be involved in community activities. I am involved with the local rugby club, being a past coach and on the club committee, as well as being involved with sponsorship of local and national charities.

Transport and infrastructure are my biggest strengths.

Having spent my past 10 years in the public transport industry, and as a member of the NZ Taxi Federation executive, I see somebody such as myself being an asset to all with my knowledge in this area. I can help suggest how we can repair our public transport woes and move forward with ridesharing and other transport initiatives to get people using other more sustainable transport options.

As for infrastructure, we should all be concerned about this, as we all know all good structures need a good foundation and with our current infrastructure issues we do not have a good foundation for our area to grow.

I am not an expert on climate change or environmental issues, but it is quite clear that infrastructure and public transport play a vital role in the sustainability of our beautiful area for future generations.

I am also not in favour of extending the airport noise boundaries or the significant changes the Queenstown Airport Corporation wants to make to the Wanaka airport without more investigative work and genuine public consultation where the locals are listened to.

We all know things move very slowly regarding local government policies and nobody knows that better than the current council members.

I will not make false promises if elected. What I will promise is that I will be a voice of reason for all locals in our community. I may not have all the degrees as some candidates do but a vote for me will give you a voice for common sense in our council.