When Clive met Sally: She made me a better mayor’


Departing mayor Clive Geddes says marrying wife Sally improved his relationship with the community. 

“It changed the way people looked at me and the position of mayor. The nature of community engagement changed.” 

The 65-year-old says after tying the knot in March 2007 he started getting invited to a broader range of events and got on better at smaller community gatherings. 

“There are people in those communities who will talk to Sally but not necessarily talk to me. That doesn’t mean to say we sit down after a function and have a debrief.” 

Geddes says part of the reason for standing down is he and Sally, who has multiple sclerosis, want “a lifestyle that’s more about ourselves”. 

“I’ve admired her enormously for being such a positive part of the mayoralty because it is a special effort for her and that’s helped me a lot.” 

Another factor was his age. 

“It’s a young district – it’s entitled to be represented by someone who is not going to be 68 if they’d served a fourth term.”