What the…? Five Mile


What the…? is an occasional piece explaining something Queenstowners might have seen around town. Today we tell you what’s going on along State Highway 6 at Frankton. If you have a pic that you want explained please email: ed@scene.co.nz

Where: Alongside State Highway 6, Frankton 

What: Upgrading the water main to ensure there’s sufficient water for fire fighting at the Five Mile development

Who: Fulton Hogan is the contractor.

How much longer? Two road crossings will be finished before Christmas and the rest of the pipework will be installed in late January

How much is it costing? $400,000

The reader who took these photos writes: “Why is this water main not being laid on the opposite side of the highway where the existing water main is? If a trench was dug on the south side of the road surely it could accommodate both the new water main and under-grounding of the overhead powerlines in front of the Events Centre and the Frankton Golf course?

“It would also be a shorter distance and avoid at least one crossing of the highway. I understand that services were placed in a common services trench at Five Mile and further north on this stretch of highway. Removing the blot of the overhead power lines there has made a fantastic improvement to views of the Remarkables and Peninsula Hill.

“This community spends a significant amount of money protecting views of outstanding natural landscapes. Why not use this opportunity to spend some money in a practical way to enhance such views by using a common trench and under grounding the power lines in front of the council-owned land?”

Queenstown council’s Michele Poole says the work also provides for undergrounding the power lines – that’s Delta’s project. The $400,000 budget is included in the 10-year plan for this financial year.

She adds: “The trenching is on the north side of the road because there isn’t enough room on the south side to install all the infrastructure including undergrounding the power lines, while also maintaining services to the businesses already operating at Five Mile.”