Weekend weather: Spring’s last hurrah


Spring makes its exit with cold and showery weather this weekend – and some fresh snow on the hills.

But next week should usher in some warm and settled weather as summer arrives.

Mountain Scene weather guru Chris Stephenson says a cold, showery southwest airstream will be stalled over the region during the weekend.

But there’s some warm settled weather expected next week, he says, as an anticyclone builds in the southern Tasman Sea.

“This slow moving anticyclone should bring a respite to the recent westerlies we’ve experienced resulting in warmer temperatures and less wind.

“However, we have to get through the weekend first which will be dominated by a rather chilly south-westerly wind, a few showers and even another dusting of snow for the mountains.” 

Stephenson had 23 years in Metservice, including a stint as a non-degreed forecaster writing forecasts for New Zealand media.