VIP chat with Ellen


A local talent agent’s brushed shoulders with Hollywood royalty.

Tracy Cameron and friend Sarah Alcock scored VIP tickets for the season 16 premiere of celebrating her 50th birthday.

The tickets came via a Kiwi mate who’d been on the hit TV talk-show’s production team for two years.

During a break in filming, Cameron (pictured, third left) asked DeGeneres if she’s been to New Zealand. She said she’d like to come.

“She knows someone who has a farm here, and I said, ‘if you come, you’ll come to Queenstown’.”

Cameron says she found DeGeneres “just a very cool personality – she doesn’t jump up and down, she’s not your typical American”.

Like the rest of the 300-odd audience, Cameron and Alcock won 65-inch TV sets, but they gave them away as they had to shoot to the airport. She’s likely to return for the Christmas show.