Vandals target Wakatipu High School


Wakatipu High has been rushing to repair damage caused by vandals last weekend. 

Queenstown police and school staff are appealing for any information after several buildings and surfaces were tagged and a window and glass door were broken last Friday night. 

Taggers left varying sizes and phrases of graffiti, including the possibly-recognisable slogan “The Warriors” on the school’s middle classroom block, principal Steve Hall says. 

Despite the broken window and door, there appeared to be no sign of forced entry, he says. 

It’s possible the offenders were ex-pupils of the school due to some of the content but Hall isn’t sure if they live locally or are out-of-town and returned to the school to cause damage. 

“It’s disappointing,” Hall says. 

“But we don’t get very much of this and we are keen to keep it that way. It consumes people’s time and resources getting rid of graffiti and repairing damage. It’s a pain.” 

Damage was repaired and graffiti painted over earlier this week. 

Senior constable Chris Blackford says the vandals continued their rampage on to Sawmill Road, where several parked cars were sprayed with yellow paint. 

Enquiries are continuing.