Van Uden’s big push to tackle your rates bill


On rates: “I would like us not to be staring down the barrel of nine per cent rates increases for each of the next three years and I can assure you that will be a significant driver.” 

On the share sale of Queenstown Airport: “To me the council needs to start showing some leadership on this and be at the forefront for the community. What the answer is – it’s not just up to me, it’s up to the whole council and community.” 

On Queenstown’s importance to the country: “I’d hate to think we are not seen as the jewel in the crown any longer. We need to have balance and try to get some economic growth in our communities, not just growth because more people are coming here. Basically diversifying.” 

First up: Two public “think tanks” will address revenue ideas like bed taxes or tourism taxes, plus one on engaging the community. 

One more thing: “It’s airy-fairy but I’d like the community to feel like it’s their council.”