Valentine’s Day the Queenstown way


‘Popular day’ for proposals – and the ring comes later

A local jewellery store manager says there seems to be a trend towards Valentine’s Day wedding proposals.

And not only that, Partridge Jewellers manager Debbie Graham says it’s becoming more common for men to select the ring with their fiancee’s help afterwards – “While around 30 per cent of men are courageous enough to pick a ring without their girlfriend’s help, it’s becoming more and more common for men to wait until they’ve popped the question and then select the ring with their fiancee.

“December right through to the end of February is the most popular time for proposals and we’ve sold a number of engagement rings in the past few weeks,” Graham says.

“From speaking with our customers we know there is a trend towards more people proposing on Valentine’s Day,” she adds.

“I think Queenstown is the romance capital of New Zealand. So many weddings and honeymoons are enjoyed here
and it’s natural all that love in the air rubs off on locals.”

Mountain Scene asks locals for their most memorable Valentine’s Day moment

I re-proposed. The engagement ring took so long to arrive, to get made, so I didn’t have it first time around. And I’d lulled her into thinking it might not be ready for the wedding. Plus I cocked the first proposal up – I stumbled through what I wanted to say. Next time, I had the ring and we were on the lake on a boat, I took her into a wee bay and we had a picnic – the ring was in the picnic basket
Winter Festival boss
Simon Green

At Myross Bush Primary when I was seven or eight, I came back from play-lunch and when I opened my desk there were daffodils in it. It was from my crush. I was pretty happy – and it set a high standard for the rest of my years
Hoamz receptionist
Emma Watson

My most mem­orable was leaving England to come to New Zealand – I flew out on Valen­tine’s Day. That was three years ago and I’m still here
The Rees True South Dining Room executive chef
Ben Batterbury

I have to say that my husband, every year, always buys the most beautiful cards and flowers but it’s the cards that I love. They read something along the lines of ‘To my darling wife … from the best-looking man in the world’ which makes me smile and I totally agree with. Ha ha
An Seomra Beauty cosmetologist 
Sharmaine Kerr

Attending the infamous “Anti-
­­­Valentine’s Party” at the Slip Inn in Sydney, aptly decorated with teddy bears hanging from lassos, broken hearts and dead roses – a great night out. But in all honesty, nothing beats a dozen red roses turning up at your desk … hint hint
WHK taxation consulting senior manager 
Wendy Duncan

When I was younger in my teenage years, I sent out 30 Valentine’s cards hoping to get lucky. The lady at the shop was horrified when I went in and bought 30 of them
1876 Bar & Restaurant owner 
Craig Eccles 

It can be kinda’ funny in hospitality. You get a lot of couples booking for dinner – and they always want a seat by the window. But then a lot of them spend the entire night hardly saying a word to each other
Skybar manager
Chanel Campbell

I once had a guy get his mum buy a rose for me – and he told me that after. If you’re going to do that you shouldn’t say you got your mum to do it. It was a bit weird – that didn’t go any further
Lone Star waitress
Julia Lonnerheden

It was our 53rd wedding anniversary two days ago and we completely forgot about it so that gives you some indication as to how we feel about things like Valentine’s Day. But you might say that every day is Valentine’s Day for me
Former Queenstown mayoress 
Lorraine Cooper