UPDATE: CAA dubs paragliding incident minor’


The country’s sky police aren’t investigating a Queenstown tandem paragliding incident involving a client being given control before crash-landing.
Experienced G-Force pilot Dan Stephens had put his client in control during a February 15 flight from the top of the gondola when they got into a tangle. 

Stephens had to deploy his reserve chute and the pair landed rough on the road near the One Mile roundabout.

The client suffered shock and a sore tailbone but otherwise the pair were uninjured. 

The incident was reported by Stephens to both the New Zealand Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association. 

Civil Aviation Authority spokeswoman Emma Peel confirms CAA had also been notified but won’t be looking into the matter as it wasn’t serious enough. 

“The CAA will not be investigating this minor incident,” Peel says. 

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