Unwelcome guest


Breast fiend gropes woman in bed with hubbie.

A Queenstown woman awoke early Monday morning to find her breasts being touched by a 39-year-old man – who wasn’t her husband.

The woman and her husband were in bed asleep when the assailant – who’d been at the couple’s house earlier for a barbecue – broke in and came into their bedroom.

“She felt someone touching her breasts and, thinking it was her husband, she told him to stop,” says constable Sean Drader.

“She wondered why he wouldn’t stop. Then she yelled out and [her husband] sat up and looked over and saw there was a person on the floor.

“They recognised him and told him to get out.”

The couple contacted police later on Monday.

The man’s been charged with indecent assault and burglary – he’s due to appear in Queenstown District Court on Tuesday.

It’s the silly season

A 54-year-old Gore sculptor took a policewoman for a cycling runaround at Lake Hayes Estate on December 13.

The man wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet and when the cop went to pull him over he wouldn’t stop.

“He just did a U-turn then he did it again and again and he kept doing it,” says Queenstown constable Sean Drader.

“The female officer stopped the police car in front of him, got out of the car and he just rode around her.

“His excuse was, ‘I didn’t want to stop because I didn’t want to talk to you, lady’.”

Members of the public saved the day – they got in front of the cyclist and stopped him, Drader says.

The man – who gave a false name – was done for failing to stop and supplying false details.


Two young Queenstown men, 21 and 22, threatened a Frankton Motor Camp guest with sticks at 6.15am on December 14.

The drunken pair had been at a party and were “making a ruckus” while walking with two girls on Frankton Track, Drader says.

People staying in a caravan told them to shut up and the duo apparently got abusive and walked off.

“Then one of them came back with a stick and poked it through the blinds of the [caravan] window,” says Drader.

“[A caravan occupant] went out to tell them off then they’ve come running at him with sticks,” he adds.

Police arrested the pair on Frankton Road for disorderly behaviour.

No respect

A 21-year-old Queenstown man was separated from his wallet after kicking the stairs leading up to a Korean restaurant at 10.30pm on December 15.

“[Staff] could hear someone kicking the side of the stairs and they went out and found this guy,” says Drader.
“A woman grabbed his wallet because it looked like he was going to run away.”

Separately, police nabbed a 23-year-old Cromwell man for trying to start a fight on Shotover Street at 2.30am on December 14.

“He was being a clown, giving the bird to police all weekend.” Drader says.

Indecent assault

Police nabbed a 29-year-old Queenstown man for indecent assault and male assaulting female at 2.30am on December 15.

The man allegedly wouldn’t let the 21-year-old Dunedin student enter The World bar until she would kiss him, says Drader.

“He asked her twice and she denied him and then he hit her on the back of the neck,” he says.

“He also stood on her foot so she couldn’t move away.”

Good deed gone bad

Police are trying to find a Brit who meddled in an argument and went too far at 2.30am on December 14.

“A guy saw another guy [verbally] fighting with a girl and decided to step in,” Drader says.

But the would-be peacemaker allegedly punched the other male and knocked him out.

The offender is described as in his early to mid-20s, between 1.75-1.78 metres tall, of medium/stocky build with blond/light brown hair.

He was clean shaven and wearing a red and orange rugby jersey.

Cars done over

Police found two crashed and abandoned vehicles vandalised on December 10.

Someone set fire to a car on Littles Road – crashed last week by a man who had been drink driving and wanted to avoid a police checkpoint on Frankton Rd, Drader says.

Someone also stripped the parts and contents from another vehicle, crashed by a family in Skippers Canyon on November 8.

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