Unwelcome guest at kidnap accused’s 21st


Police have been called to the 21st of a Queenstown kidnap case defendant after reports of a man brandishing a knife 

Officers attended the Malaghan Road home of kidnap-accused birthday girl Rachel Faul shortly after 2am on Sunday. 

They arrested Dunedin 22-year-old Wayne Ottley who was charged with wilful damage after allegedly breaking a window. Ottley failed to appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. 

Faul was the first person arrested after the alleged violent kidnapping and beating of Cromwell man Jason Maynard, 28, late last year. Faul was charged with kidnapping, aggravated wounding and dangerous driving. Seven others were charged with various offences. 

Faul was later also charged with offering to supply ecstasy. 

The receptionist is on bail and was under a curfew at her home at the time of the party. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “It’s alleged [Ottley] started a fight with another male, came off second best and smashed a window. 

“There were unconfirmed reports of him waving a knife around before police arrived. 

“Somebody rang the police to ask for help because they said a male at the address was very drunk and attacking people.” 

Faul’s father Peter says: “It probably is the last thing we needed. To be fair it was an un-invited person who turned up. 

He wasn’t known to Rachel or ourselves prior to that evening. He came with a friend of a friend. 

“He broke a window and [Faul’s mother] Jacqui called the police to have him removed. We’re not going to tolerate any of that sort of behaviour in our place at all. 

“The thought never crossed my mind that we wouldn’t have a 21st birthday party for Rachel. You only turn 21 once in your life and I don’t see any reason why Rachel wouldn’t want to celebrate it like anyone else,” Peter says. 

Faul was held in custody for 11 days after her arrest. She was then granted bail. On Monday this week – two days after her 21st – she successfully applied to the court to have her bail conditions relaxed in relation to her night-time curfew. 

The conditions now state she must not be seen out in public without one of her parents between 10pm and 6am.
Peter says: “We had police calling at the house frequently, sometimes five times a week. 

“It is a lot easier on the family household, not being woken most nights at any hour, or potentially any number of times a night. 

“It certainly puts the onus on Rachel to comply, which she’s more than happy to do and has done since bail was imposed.” 

The variation of the conditions was made by Judge Michael Turner, sitting in chambers, meaning the decision can be published but not the deliberations. 

Maynard and his girlfriend were allegedly set upon after being lured to the Crown Range intersection on State Highway 6 on November 26. 

A gang, wearing balaclavas and wielding a meat cleaver and a machete, are said to have attacked the couple, before bundling Maynard into a car, driving away and later dumping him in Arrowtown. 

At a pre-committal conference in Queenstown a fortnight ago, five of the defendants – Brooke Sylvia Carpenter, 17, Brodie O’Rourke, 24, Charlotte Amelia Spencer Dickson, 18, Michael Philip Coulter, 25, and Faul – were remanded on bail to appear at Invercargill District Court on April 23. 

The outcomes for the other three people charged – Jonathan Charles Burke, 23, Samuel Gordon Coupe, 28, and Daniel Kissell, 28 – were not disclosed. 

No pleas have been entered by any of the accused.