Two Wanaka party drug dealers convicted


Two Wanaka men caught dealing party drugs in a police undercover operation have admitted their guilt.

DJ Daimon Jon Schwalger, 41, and bee keeper Campbell Blair Smith, 28, were both convicted when they appeared in Queenstown District Court yesterday morning (Monday).

They were remanded on bail for sentencing on January 27.

Southern police arrested eight men on December 1 as part of Operation Viking – a five-month operation to infiltrate the resort’s drug scene.

Schwalger and Smith were described as low-level dealers by their respective lawyers and both claimed they did not profit from dealing – merely “hooking up” friends.

Schwalger – whose DJ name is The Nomad – pleaded guilty to three charges.

On August 10, Schwalger offered to supply ecstasy (MDMA) to an undercover police officer and then sold six capsules of the Class B drug to the officer on August 13.

When police then searched his home, they found 10 grams of cannabis in a jar in his kitchen.

Smith pleaded guilty to three charges. Smith sold five tabs of LSD to an undercover officer on August 31 for $120, then four capsules of ecstasy on September 10 to the undercover officer for $240.

Smith also admitted in police interview selling two capsules of ecstasy to an unknown female friend, priced $60 each.

Oscar Jimmy Gold Arlidge, 28, of Wanaka, was remanded on bail without plea until January 27.

Arlidge faces seven charges five of supplying LSD and two of supplying ecstasy in relation to Operation Viking.

And Monty Archie Vass, 19, a kitchen hand of Albert Town, was also remanded on bail without plea until January 27.

Vass faces 23 charges including conspiring to supply ecstasy (MDMA), procuring ecstasy, offering to sell ecstasy, supplying ecstasy, and offering to supply and offering to sell the class C drug cannabis.