Two Tiffanys to star in Queenstown’s Saturday Night Fever


Queenstown’s singing and dancing Tiffanys are catching disco fever.

Tiffany Mitchell and Tiffany Menzies were confirmed this week as leads for Showbiz Queenstown’s 40th anniversary musical, Saturday Night Fever.

The pair play Stephanie Mangano and Annette, rival love interests of male lead Tony Manero – a role made famous by John Travolta in the smash-hit 1977 movie. Christchurch dancer Cameron Mason is cast as Manero.

Fever director Bryan Aitken, also from Christchurch, says: “He understands disco incredibly well.

“The big quest when you have a musical based around a male aspiring dancer, you have to look far and wide, and we all remember how John Travolta danced in the original film.

“So the quest was on to find someone who could dance like him, and I found him in Christchurch.

“But he will be incredibly supported by two Queenstown women [Mitchell and Menzies] as his romantic interests and co-dancers.”

Mitchell, won local Starry Eyed contest in 2001 and sings with popular Queenstown band LA Social, while volunteer firewoman Menzies has performed in many Queenstown shows.

The pair played ‘merry murderesses’ in Showbiz’s Chicago two years ago.

Other main roles will be played by Sam Harris (Bobby C), Angus Reid (Joey), Andy Bell (Double J), Simon Small (Frank Manero), Jules Molloy (Flo Manero), Becky Reid (Linda Manero), Greg Dorn (Frank Jnr), Lindsay Woods (Monty and male club singer), Nicole McLean (female club singer) and Terence ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald.

The ensemble selected are: Becky Reid, Caitlin King, Emily Roche, Isabelle Reid, Jack Swale, Jade Hardy, Kyle Thompson-Connell, Maria Beckinsale, Stephen Ginn, Tamsin Browne, Tania Carter, Tderence ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald and Tessa Taft.

The disco dancers/ensemble are: Beau-quay Christensen, Dannial Bocatios, Lunara Pereira, Mamen Romero and Monique Valle.

Saturday Night Fever will run from May 14-23 at the Queenstown Memorial Centre.