Trust bows out with $10,000 gift


A Queenstown mental health trust about to fold will bow out by giving away $10,000.

The Remarkable People Trust was set up four years ago to help with the understanding of various mental health issues in the resort, including suicides.

But after “getting nowhere with it” because of red tape, the sole remaining trustee, Queenstown chiropractor Neki Patel, says he’ll now distribute funds amongst deserving locals.

“This is a tough town to live in and there are a lot of mental health issues that are just swept under the carpet,” Patel says.

“There is a lot of stress and a lot of suicides in Queenstown and the aim of the trust was to get some information out to people through literature and awareness.

“But after a lot of hard work and many frustrating meetings with various organisations, including Southland District Health Board and the local council, the steam engine just ran out of steam.”

The other trustees, local women Sue Ross, Roz Wyatt and Eve Cournane, have already called it a day – but they too want the leftover $10,000 put towards something tangible.

“We want the money to be spent on things that will remain in Queenstown, things that are solid, like books,” Patel says. 

Anyone wanting funding should write to Patel at Queenstown Chiropractic.