Truck hero saves lady


A Queenstown man alleged to have threatened a woman and bashed a truckie who intervened appears in court on Monday.

A 49-year-old Queenstowner faces charges of assault, threatening behaviour and unlawful interference with a motor vehicle after the October 27 incident.

Queenstowner Sue Young claims she drove down the Oaks Club Resort entrance at 9.30am to deliver paperwork.

“He told me I was going the wrong way. He wanted me to reverse. It’s a huge driveway. I said ‘I can’t’,” Young says.

“He said ‘I don’t effing care what you’re doing. You’re not effing going anywhere’. Then he started kicking my car in,” she alleges.

After a brief tussle in which the man tried snatching her keys, a nearby truckie intervened.

“He said, ‘Stop kicking the car’ and [the alleged offender] said, ‘I can do what I effing want’ and with that he punched the man in the face.

“The [truck driver] got him away from the car so I could [drive away].”

When Young returned, the truckie had gone so she couldn’t thank him.

“I wanted to find him to say thank you,” she says.

Police, who made an arrest last week, confirm they’ve attended similar incidents involving a man at the same location.