Trolley rage at Frankton


A Queenstowner has been arrested for allegedly ramming a shopping trolley repeatedly into a flash BMW at a supermarket carpark in Frankton. 

The 62-year-old man is accused of deliberately damaging the late-model X6 vehicle after getting into an argument with its elderly driver at the New World store last Saturday afternoon. 

The 4WD vehicle – which cost $155,000-$245,000 new – is said to have sustained scratches and bumps during the bizarre ‘trolley rage’ incident. 

Cops say the drama unfolded after the driver, in his seventies and from near Mossburn, was first subjected to a barrage of verbal abuse for honking his horn at the alleged offender who was blocking his way in the carpark. 

“When the driver eventually parked up and went into the store, the offender was then allegedly seen ramming his shopping cart into the BMW more than once and damaging the car,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“A witness who was suspicious that something dodgy was going on captured it on an iPhone.” 

The alleged offender faces a wilful damage charge. 

Drader adds: “This has to be the first case of trolley rage that police have dealt with in Queenstown.”