Queenstown audio-visual king Tom Lynch has grand plans for the 2017 Luma arts festival.

The TomTom Productions founder and artist wowed visitors last year by illuminating Queenstown Gardens’ forest with lights activated by movement.

He hopes to go one better over Queen’s Birthday Weekend with a light installation triggered by sound and music.

“I want to create a ceiling of illuminated rope across the forest, connected to microphones and possibly a piano. When people speak or play music, there will be a light reaction across the entire forest.”

The AV maestro has been planning the installation since the last Luma.

“The idea is to encourage strangers, across the space of a dark forest, to come together and create a few beautiful moments of music, art and light that can never happen again.”

Last year, Lynch’s installation Consequentia used sensors to track hand movement, with the forest lighting up in a myriad of colours in response.

“I love being able to use my business’ technology for art and create something that has lots of cleverness behind the scenes but looks effortless from the outside. Luma is exactly what Queenstown needed and I wanted to support that; this town has the best natural canvas in the world.”

More than 10,000 people are expected to the Luma ‘Southern Light Project’, held in the Gardens after dusk from June 2 to 5.