Trey completes TEDx line-up


Travel photography extraordinaire Trey Ratcliff will give one of the talks at this year’s TEDx Queenstown.

The Queenstown-based Texan runs the world’s most successful travel photo website, Stuck in Customs, and is a pioneer of high dynamic range (HDR) photography.

He’s the eleventh and final speaker announced for the Queenstown event - an independently-organised satellite of the hugely-popular United States talks series.

Ratcliff’s photos have more than 60 billion views on Google, and he has 13 million followers across the various social media platforms.

“Preparation for the event has been a lot of fun,” he says.

“My talk will be unexpected and full of surprises and a secret that people might just figure out in the first 17 minutes.”

Speakers have 18 minutes to wow the audience in TED (Technology Entertainment Design) talks.

Ratcliff, who’s been to Antarctica, Germany and Dubai this year alone, fits in well with the Queenstown event’s illumination theme.

HDR photography is a technique whereby multiple levels of light are captured of a single scene and then combined into a single photograph.

The resulting image is richly detailed and more closely resembles how people recall a scene in their mind.

Ratcliff joins fellow adventurer Jamie Fitzgerald, who holds the world record for rowing across the Atlantic, archaeologist Leslie Van Gelder, and Wellington musician Graeme James on the TEDx stage.

Ratcliff: “Queenstown seems to be a vortex of interesting people and the TEDx Queenstown event will take that to the next level.”

Bridging the gap between a simply entertaining talk and a truly inspirational one is a challenge.

“I’m a photographer, so my logical mind says people want to know about the photos.

“This is true, but what people really want to find out is more about themselves, and maybe I can use the photos as a gateway to that story.”

Ratcliff says he can’t divulge details of the talk without spoiling it.

“But I think it will not be what people expect. I can tell you it’s entitled ‘what is out there’.”

His stunning HDR photos will feature.

Tickets, priced $119, for the April 19 event are almost sold out.