Tremain capturing Arrowtown


Prominent Queenstown cartoonist/painter Garrick Tremain has sketched Arrowtown buildings and scenes for a new book. 

Tremain says he was inspired in England last year by a book of pen and wash drawings of Cornwall. 

“I thought, ‘Arrowtown needs one’.” 

His The Arrowtown Collection features mostly pen and wash drawings of historic buildings, riverside scenes, Lakes District Museum pieces, Lake Hayes and local golf courses interspersed with handwritten text. 

“It’s Arrowtown as I’ve come to know it over 40 years of drawing and painting there, and as I think people experience it when they come to visit. 

“I became such a familiar sight on a stool around the place that dogs were coming up and pissing on me.” 

Tremain says it’s the first book he’s self-published. 

He hopes to stock it, for $24.95, at up to six Arrowtown outlets including the museum – his initial print run is 5000. 

“If one copy leaves town on every tour bus that comes it should go on dribbling out of town for a long time. 

“I think it’ll be of quite some interest to local people who travel to take as a gift for somebody they stay with,” he adds. 

Tremain says he likes Arrowtown “because it has a sense of community which I think Queenstown lost a long time ago”. 

“And the feeling of history is still very strong, and that has started to disappear in Queenstown as well.”