Travel show host’s Queenstown buzz


A UK travel show host is to showcase Queenstown’s off-road buzz to an audience of millions. 

Presenter Henry Cole admits Queenstown blew his mind when he arrived a year ago to film World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides. 

Less than a year later he’s back – this time swapping his road motorbike for a KTM motorcycle and some off-road action. 

Cole is filming Dirt Bike Down Under episodes for his long-running UK Travel Channel series. 

It will showcase the resort and businesses such as Off Road Adventures and Dart River Jet Safaris to millions worldwide. 

Cole says: “I spent quite a bit of time in Queenstown with Denis [Columb] at Off Road Adventures. 

“He was absolutely brilliant and without him I would have thrown myself [off] at the countryside quite a few times I reckon. 

“Queenstown is a place where you can frighten yourself in any which way you want, and because of that you can also find yourself. 

“I’ve certainly frightened myself – I’m new to dirt bike riding. The whole idea of your motorcycle sliding from beneath you while you’re on the road is quite a fearful thing but with dirt biking that’s the thing you try to get your bike to do.” 

Cole rode the tracks through Skippers Canyon and also tried jetboating and heli-mountain biking while here. 

Cole, a veteran of countless motorcycle trips, has filmed throughout South Island for the new series, which is scheduled to air in winter. –