Track closure prompts apology

Find another way: A fenced-off section of the Queenstown Trail at Lake Hayes Estate

A retirement village developer has apologised for failing to tell the Queenstown Trails Trust it was temporarily closing two public tracks in Lake Hayes Estate.

Queenstown Country Club also neglected to inform Queenstown’s council and the suburb’s residents before fencing off the walking and cycling trails on July 14.

The twin tracks are closed between where they start in Herries Lane and where they intersect with Jones Road and Howards Drive.

Queenstown Trails Trust boss Mark Williams calls it “a bit of an oversight”.

He attributes it to being the company’s first involvement with trails in the area.

“I got lots of apologies on Friday, and I don’t think it will happen again.”

The trails are connecting routes to the Queenstown Trail, and most frequently used by Shotover Primary School pupils who lived in Lake Hayes Estate.

Williams: “I was pretty keen to make sure parents were aware that route was closed.”

The company has subsequently distributed a flyer in the suburb to inform residents, he says.

When the Otago Daily Times asked Queenstown Country Club if it regretted the omissions, spokeswoman Hilary O’Hagan said:”Everyone’s informed.”

The closures are necessary to install a stormwater pipe, and the work will take between one and two months, she says.

Council chief spin doctor Naell Crosby-Roe says it was not told about the work before it started, so it couldn’t publicise the track closures or advise the Queenstown Trails Trust.

Shotover Primary School principal Ben Witheford says the company’s health and safety officer visited the school yesterday to explain the closures.

The trails are increasingly used by pupils, Witheford says.

Otago Daily Times