Tracey Roxburgh: It’s time for change


Earlier this year I decided it was time to sort myself out. The motivation was pretty simple: I wanted to sleep.

It had been more than two years since I had slept more than about four hours a night and it wasn’t really doing it for me.

Because of the chronic insomnia there were other things that weren’t really doing it for me either.

Like being a zombie during the hours I was supposed to be productive, but turning into a chipmunk with ADD when I was supposed to be asleep.

I knew if I could just find the energy to physically exert myself, sooner or later normal transmission would resume.

But my energy seemed to be in the land of nod, where I so desperately wanted to join it.

So, after some encouragement from one inspirational young lady, I signed up to do a 20-week challenge.

Very early on another challenger questioned why I was doing it because “you’re still skinny from the last one”.

It was a compliment and it was a nice thing to say, but I felt kind of uncomfortable defending my decision to sign up.

Why shouldn’t I do it?

What, honestly, do any of us have to lose by taking care of ourselves?

I think part of the problem is gym challenges – historically – have been targeted at people who want to lose weight.

So, when someone turns up who appears “skinny”, there’s an automatic assumption that person doesn’t need to be there.

Enter Haylee Roberts, Jenny Dennison and Alpine Health & Fitness … a.k.a the Revive team.

This month they’re relaunching Revive. 

It’s not a new concept – over 12 weeks you hit the gym and make better food choices.

What’s different this time around is a Revive is recognising health and well-being are more than just numbers on a set of scales or a measuring tape.

It’s about making changes that are sustainable.

And, it’s a belief the more knowledge, tools and support people are given, the more likely they are to succeed.

Over three months Revivers will go through goal setting with Lululemon, have shoe fittings with Frontrunner, learn how to dress for their body with Nemo and get some tips on hair and make-up with Hush Spa.

There will be a bit of hypnotherapy, some sleep therapy, health and nutrition advice and, importantly, invaluable information about mental health.

And plenty of sweat.

For some of us the focus of the next 12 weeks will undoubtedly be about seeing the numbers on the scales and measuring tape go down.

Others may well want to see them go up.

And then there will be those of us who have entirely different reasons for being there.

Ultimately, at the end of 12 weeks we’ll all be winners.

* Revive officially begins on September 21. For more information visit or email: To register visit customer services staff at the Queenstown Events Centre