Tourist’s spit-vom-swing ‘shocker’


A United States tourist who spat blood, vomit and phlegm at cops in the Queenstown police station had taken prescription painkillers combined with alcohol.

Karl Paul Yeary-Johnson, 29, came to the attention of police just before midnight on March 29 for bashing an illuminated sign, and jumping up and down and screaming at the top of his lungs.

He told cops he was “fixing the sign”.

Police arrested him and took him to the Queenstown police station, where he became argumentative.

At first he passively resisted police attempts to move him – but he lashed out when they tried to search him, spitting, kicking and swinging.

He spat vomit at the officers and lashed out at constable Mark Ford, striking him in the mouth and face and digging nails into his arm.

Yeary-Johnson also spat blood, vomit and phlegm over constable Daniel Andrew.

He was made to wear a spit hood.

A search found 4g of cannabis plant in two canisters. A crystal-like substance was also found on him, as well as the knife.

In Queenstown’s court on Monday, Yeary-Johnson, 29, admitted six charges – disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence, resisting two constables, possession of the class C-controlled drug cannabis and assaulting constables Andrew, Ford and Amanda Shute.

The possession of a knife charge was withdrawn.

Lawyer Liam Collins handed a letter to Judge Bernadette Farnan from the remorseful tourist, who would leave Queenstown next month.

Collins: “He’s had a shocker.”

Farnan says that night Yeary-Johnson had consumed wine, beer and spirits as well as the medication for historical injuries. He displayed “appalling behaviour”, she says.

Yeary-Johnson was sentenced to 150 hours’ community work and ordered to pay $500 to Alcoholics Anonymous.