Tourists’ bizarre queries published


Whaddya’ mean ‘No whales?’

Queenstown has loads to offer tourists – but whales in Lake Wakatipu? 

A tourism guide has published some of the flabbergasting questions asked by overseas visitors staying in the resort. 

And while many are overjoyed with the town’s beautiful scenery and adventure sports, others seem to expect a little too much. 

Several asked if they could swim with dolphins or watch whales breach in what they believed to be the Pacific Ocean. 

One hoped to catch a sightseeing boat to Antarctica. Others demanded to know at exactly what time it would snow. 

Travel guide iTAG published the strange enquiries in its latest edition. 

The popular guide has been running 10 years and is distributed to millions of travellers. 

It is also used by booking agents and accommodation hosts, who submitted some of the more ridiculous questions that have come their way.

Tourists’ funniest Queenstown queries

  • Do you get breathalysed before doing a bungy?
  •  Do they turn the waterfalls off when the bus leaves Milford?
  • Are there Aborigines at the Kiwi Haka show?
  • Does the fire siren mean opening time for the skifields?
  • Where is a good spot to go feed dolphins bread?
  • My travel agent told me I could catch a boat to Antarctica from here. When and where does it leave?
  • What “sound” does Milford make?
  • Excuse me, why do I have a stone in my plum?
  • What time exactly will it snow in Queenstown?
  • How long is the gondola ride to Milford Sound?
  • Guest: “Can you deliver some hot water to my room?” Worker: “There is a kettle in the room to boil water.” Guest: “That is not hot enough.”
  • What time does the 3 o’clock bus leave?
  • (In reference to Lake Wakatipu) … Is that the Pacific Ocean?
  • In regards to the picnic lunch – will the lettuce be crunchy?
  • The sheep below the gondola – are they real?
  • If I ring home now will my mum be awake?
  • Guest: “Do I need my passport for Milford Sound?” Worker: “No sir, you’ll be fine.” Guest: “I’ll take it just in case.”
Travel guide iTAG 2011