Tough guys or pansies?


Despite the ski season drawing to a close and the resort quietening down, boozed-up troublemakers are still out plying their trade, Queenstown police say. 

A 29-year-old local electrician was charged with assault and disorderly behaviour last Sunday for allegedly bashing the passenger of a car in Beach Street the previous week. 

“It is alleged that the intoxicated offender and a mate were thumping on the bonnet of the vehicle when it had stopped in the street and things turned nasty,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“When the passenger got out to move them, he was grabbed by the throat and punched in the head. 

“Later on in the evening the victim spotted the men again and called police. A week later the alleged offender was located and arrested.” 

Last Saturday, a 19-year old man from Gore was arrested for wilful damage when he lost the plot in Queenstown after attending the Blossom Festival in Alexandra. 

“The alleged offender was in a car full of lads stopped at Ladies Mile and when he got out he decided to wreck a road sign,” Drader says. 

“This kind of poor behaviour is all about being seen as being tough guys, which is weird seeing as they had just been to a flower festival.” 

Later the same night, four men were arrested for fighting in a public place when a scrap broke out near Winnies. 

And at 2am last Friday, four drunk men – two Kiwis and two English – were given a pre-charge warning after a bout of fisticuffs outside the Buffalo Club. 

Drugs bust 

A 25-year-old carpenter was arrested for alleged drugs offences when cops acted on a warrant at a Queenstown address at 9am last Friday. 

“The man was found to have six cannabis plants and related equipment at the premises,” Drader says. 

“He was charged with cultivating cannabis and possessing drug utensils.” 

Off-road surprise 

Police were called to assist a female Malaysian tourist whose car got stuck when she indulged in a bit of impromptu off-roading near the Skyline Gondola last Saturday. 

“Apparently she had been following instructions from her GPS a bit too literally and when it told her to go up a private access road she got into difficulties and slid off the track,” Drader comments.